My bracelets came in today, so if you would like to order one you can check out my website to do so on the page about how to order. And just to remind everyone what this is for here is a copy of my earlier post….

As many of you know, I’m currently transitioning. With that in mind, I created a fundraising project that would allow for my friends to continually show their support in this very important time of my life. I have created a bracelet that represents my journey. The colors of it are light blue and pink which are colors in the trans flag. The words on it are In Trans It, which represents my journey and how I am currently becoming the person I am meant to be. If you wear this bracelet you not only show your support for my journey but also for others in the trans community who are on a similar journey as myself. 

I will be selling these bracelets for $2 a piece if using paypal gift to those in the US and that will include shipping if they need to be shipped. For those of you abroad the cost will be $3 a piece if using the paypal gift option. If you check out the website there is also a way to order using paypal that doesn’t involve gifting and includes the fees that would be taken out. 

If you don’t have paypal and would like a bracelet message/email me so that we can work something out! Thank you all for your support and please inbox me or comment if you are interested in ordering.

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    Oooo, I kinda want one too. It’s subtle enough to be comfortable for me to wear while also being rather clever.
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    If i could just come out to my parents i would wear one of these everywhere.
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    WANT! I would love it even more if it was in green. *checks to see price*
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    Omg I love these!
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